Saturday, July 24, 2010

Man On Wire

In the summer of 1974 tightrope artist Phillipe Petit took his performance to NYC to walk across his rope between the WTC twin towers. In the early morning, people on their daily ways were shocked to stillness, stopping to witness this feat. Befuddled people stopped in their tracks on the streets, on ferrys, in taxis, all time seemingly stopped.
In his 2009 book "Let The Great World SPin"
Author Colum McCann took this event, spinning wildly creative tales and
Intertwining stories and lives of New Yorkers, of all walks of life, at the moment Phillipe Petit stepped onto the rope.

This book has me enthralled with this man. This act of artistic nihilism perhaps, and how in these tales it impacted the people who witnessed this. Causing everyone to pause and possibly reexamine their existence. Or at least spark something in them.

A documentary came out as well last year entitled "Man On Wire"

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