Thursday, September 17, 2009


I do not love LA smog, however I do love SMOG. Bill Callahan is one of my favorite singer songwriters of all time. So much feeling, makes me tear every time.

big sky

more love, such inspiration
reminds me to have childlike & free to enjoy, create, and love life...every bit of it. Watching this video made me reminisce being on a tour bus zooming past the big sky and wide open spaces. A moment with no perception of time and space, allowed inspiration to sink in, just from the shades of the dirt, colors in the sky, shapes of plants, and feathers on the birds. Simple things. Big sky.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

a stylish shirtless hippie man and an amazing band. Very straight off the in.
Go see them live....For tour info click on Title to go to website.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stop Motion @ its best

Great video for Oren Lavie, gorgeous voice.

I Love This Guy

Paolo Nutini.......
nuff said

Creatures Of Comfort

This West Hollywood store has an amazing selection of hard to find designers, such as....
Isabel Marant Etoile, Karen Walker, Acne, and Burfitt, just to name a few.
Excellent, bathing suits by VPL and under garments by Araks, gorgeous gauzy silken pieces, which were seen in the opening scene of Lost In Transaltion on Scarlet Johannsen.
This shop is a relaxed environment to step in, try on, and buy a few new pieces for your closet ladies. The store owners used to run a fashion PR company so they know their stuff, and will help if you ask and just let u be if you'd rather just parouse.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Angel View Thrift

No trip to Palm Springs is complete without a stop at this Palm Springs thrift shoppers institution. Angel View Thrift.
Today was no exception, it looked as if Mrs. Roper and Nancy Sinatra's closets were raided decades ago and finally ended up here on the racks. Great vintage selection, jewelry, watches, and housewares. The vintage pieces are a little more expensive but all great quality.
The woman who runs the shop knows her stuff so she prices accordingly. All proceeds go to support Angel View, a charity for crippled children that has been a mainstay in Desert Hot Springs since the 1950's.
If you go, grab a coffee across the way on Palm Canyon @ Koffi. Best coffee in the desert, wish they had one in LA, it is located in a quaint courtyard of shops and galleries.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sugar Hi & Chloe C shoot Honolulu, Hawaii

Just returned from an amazing shoot in Oahu, Hawaii.
Daeja Fallas shot the look book for collaborative lines Sugar hi tees and Chloe C.
Our models Genevieve and Christa were a joy to work with, not to mention our intern, style mack, & debonair supreme~ (see above poloroid!)
We meandered the streets of Honolulu, crossing streets, riding buses with random Hawaiian hula woman, making our final stop at Waikiki beach for sunset.
The shoot was a huge success, looking forward to posting the images and seeing the final look book!