Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Madewell Liberty!

So I am into day 1 of wearing only 6 items from my closet for the next month. I have also opted to abstain from buying anything new for the month as well. Just to put a hold on the consumption, get creative with what I have and save a bob in the meantime.
It is all I can do to not click a BUY IT NOW option for these cute Liberty print sneakers from Madewell. I will swoon and remind myself I have a perfectly adorable pair of Sperry mint green tennies to sport with my 6 piece ensembles for the summer.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Closet Diet

Priorities are shifting at a rapid rate since spending weeks at my grandmothers house during her transition of life. I packed light since there was a laundry room, and didn't miss any one thing in particular from my closet.
I did however need to shop for one item. I did not pack a dress to wear to a funeral, something about it felt morbid, she was still alive when I left and no idea when it might happen. I ended up buying a simple black sheath at Target. Obviously More pressing, important things were happening and now that I'm home, dealing with the grief and sadness. Stepping both feet back into the reality of my life. I look into my closet and it feels a bit empty. Ever full of clothes, I realize I own too many things that I don't necessarily adore or value. Far too many garments with tags made in China. It is time for a concious change.

There was an article I read in the NY times about a woman who wore only 6 items from her closet for a month. This I could do. I live in California the weather never truly goes erratic, this may be doable. Accessories shoes and undergarments are not limited. I only really wear a few things anyway truthfully could this be so hard? Does this include pajamas?

There is another movement to encourage women to stave off the impulse buy. To ease the draw of using shopping as self medicating, and to consciously consume, to end the habit of buying Made in China disposable clothing.
Great American Apparel Challenge

If the full price tag of a garment makes you balk, don't buy it on sale. “25 percent off” should never be a garment’s lure. If it is, you are but a pawn in the markets game.

You should love and value each garment you wear, purchase, or indulge in.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Man On Wire

In the summer of 1974 tightrope artist Phillipe Petit took his performance to NYC to walk across his rope between the WTC twin towers. In the early morning, people on their daily ways were shocked to stillness, stopping to witness this feat. Befuddled people stopped in their tracks on the streets, on ferrys, in taxis, all time seemingly stopped.
In his 2009 book "Let The Great World SPin"
Author Colum McCann took this event, spinning wildly creative tales and
Intertwining stories and lives of New Yorkers, of all walks of life, at the moment Phillipe Petit stepped onto the rope.

This book has me enthralled with this man. This act of artistic nihilism perhaps, and how in these tales it impacted the people who witnessed this. Causing everyone to pause and possibly reexamine their existence. Or at least spark something in them.

A documentary came out as well last year entitled "Man On Wire"

Friday, July 23, 2010


I recently heard an interview with the great artist Francesco Clemente in which he stated something I myself have been hesitant to admit, I am bored. Not in my life, but in my creativity. I feel a lack there and a bit stuck.
In the first sentence of his interview with Charlie Rose, when asked about his early life in Italy, he says he was bored.
"Boredom is the origin of any good idea"
He goes on to say that boredom is a way to learn to wait. For acceptance.
I love his honesty, we assume that life in Naples as a young boy was full of exotic details, yet he admits quite dryly, he too was bored.

Maybe that is key, to just sit and be.
To wait for the inspiration to hit, for the internal voice to match what your hands are yet to make.
Good things come to those who wait.....
I am feeling the tingling of a new idea or creative endeavor about to be born and now I just need to be comfortable in my bored space, and accept.
Trust and let go and things will begin to materialize.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flara V Webb

I love my meemaw Flara V more than words can express. She has lived 90 years.
We are here with her in her house, as she prepares to transition and it is simultaneously sad and beautiful. I can't help but think this is her last gift to us, this supreme knowledge of self we are all attaining, and the gift of being with our family and love. As we all are involved in our busy lives, the only thing any of us really want to do is be here by her side and be love for each other. And I am grateful for this gift. To realize the importance of these things. To know in my heart the true nature of myself, as meemaw has shown me in this time. I am love. We are all love. God is love.