Friday, July 23, 2010


I recently heard an interview with the great artist Francesco Clemente in which he stated something I myself have been hesitant to admit, I am bored. Not in my life, but in my creativity. I feel a lack there and a bit stuck.
In the first sentence of his interview with Charlie Rose, when asked about his early life in Italy, he says he was bored.
"Boredom is the origin of any good idea"
He goes on to say that boredom is a way to learn to wait. For acceptance.
I love his honesty, we assume that life in Naples as a young boy was full of exotic details, yet he admits quite dryly, he too was bored.

Maybe that is key, to just sit and be.
To wait for the inspiration to hit, for the internal voice to match what your hands are yet to make.
Good things come to those who wait.....
I am feeling the tingling of a new idea or creative endeavor about to be born and now I just need to be comfortable in my bored space, and accept.
Trust and let go and things will begin to materialize.

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