Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Closet Diet

Priorities are shifting at a rapid rate since spending weeks at my grandmothers house during her transition of life. I packed light since there was a laundry room, and didn't miss any one thing in particular from my closet.
I did however need to shop for one item. I did not pack a dress to wear to a funeral, something about it felt morbid, she was still alive when I left and no idea when it might happen. I ended up buying a simple black sheath at Target. Obviously More pressing, important things were happening and now that I'm home, dealing with the grief and sadness. Stepping both feet back into the reality of my life. I look into my closet and it feels a bit empty. Ever full of clothes, I realize I own too many things that I don't necessarily adore or value. Far too many garments with tags made in China. It is time for a concious change.

There was an article I read in the NY times about a woman who wore only 6 items from her closet for a month. This I could do. I live in California the weather never truly goes erratic, this may be doable. Accessories shoes and undergarments are not limited. I only really wear a few things anyway truthfully could this be so hard? Does this include pajamas?

There is another movement to encourage women to stave off the impulse buy. To ease the draw of using shopping as self medicating, and to consciously consume, to end the habit of buying Made in China disposable clothing.
Great American Apparel Challenge

If the full price tag of a garment makes you balk, don't buy it on sale. “25 percent off” should never be a garment’s lure. If it is, you are but a pawn in the markets game.

You should love and value each garment you wear, purchase, or indulge in.

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