Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Last night I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch Figure Skating, well past midnight.
The pageantry and grace mesmerized me, especially captivating were both the Chinese couples in the running for the Gold. The costumes were @ some times gaudy and others full of whimsy. Nonetheless fashion keeps popping out at me at the 2010 Olympic games.

The Olympics are not exactly where one would think fashion reigns, but in this "style" conscious day and age I guess things have changed. From clothing seen on the stars @ Opening Ceremonies designed by Canadian duo Dsquared to the American Olympians dressed in Polo by Ralph Lauren, who signed a contract with the IOC in 2007 to design US uniforms beginning @ the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic games.
What line could be more American I suppose??

This morning I woke up with Canada on my mind and thought I might highlight some great Canadian clothing lines that have crossed borders and into closets around the world.
Thank you to our neighbors above!


one of my favorite designer collections fun preppy sexy fantastic cuts and designs. Dean and Dan have fun, and it shows in their work.

Matt and Natt
vegan sustainable bags made with recycled products without an ounce of style missing

laid back adorable cozy sweaters knits prints yum


waterproof rain gear sleek stylish packable portable wonderful

Club Monaco

classy stylish sleek designer fashion at affordable prices, fantastic handbags and accessories

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